Fix Your HP Printer in Error State

Fix HP Printer Error State – Successful Working Method

Regularly, HP Printer issues with an error state; the main source appears around the screen. By and by, in other examples, the goal behind the HP Printer error state may be a finished secret. Rather than going on the wild-goose pursuit  to search for the exact solution expected to fix the HP Printer error state, it can be better to consider utilizing a series of normal troubleshooting activities first. If these steps are not to fix the printer error, you may discover the answer on the chat support.


1 Fix HP Printer Error State

2 Solution 1- Review HP Printer Rank (Offline or Paused)

3 Solution 2- Restart Print spooler Service – Fix HP Printer Error State

4 Solution 3- Open Print spooler Data and Restart it.

5 Solution 4- Permit PnP Noting  on Windows 10

6 Solution 5- Modernize the HP Printer Drivers to Fix HP Printer Error State

7 Solution 6- Eliminate and Reinstall the HP Printer

8 Solution 7- Communication HP Printer Support and Solutions


While you see the HP printer in error state, it is most useful to utilize easy troubleshooting ways to get it to work again. Also, you should review the USB or Wireless Association to your printing device, and the system works normally. You might fix the printer within HP Printer in an error state which is not ready to reach the important time. If you are trying to solve the problem after seeing the HP professional support will be valuable to find the best ways to overcome this obstacle printer error state. Our expert has worked on some ways which can assist you to fix the HP Printer error state.

Fix HP Printer Error State

The cause of how you see this error state message on your HP printer is both your printer is not attached correctly, the printer blocked, low on ink, and any Application changes. There can be different causes as well, which can prompt the issues of the printer in an error state. Before operating on the first solution, try the preceding steps to verify if you can get the printer issues.

  1. Verify the Printer Connection: Review the power wires joined to the wall plugs and more the USB wires joined to the system. Ensure to unplug all the wires and correct them whether the problem is in the power cords.


  1. Restart the Printer and PC: Turn the HP Printer, and PC finally turn off for a few minutes and then restart both of them. An easy restart can make the difficulty of HP Printer error state.


  1. Monitor the ink levels: In case the HP Printer ink is very low or getting to an end then helpful change the toner. Although you’ll get a message when the link is low on the HP printer and on the network, to fix this problem you want to change it.


  1. Review Paper stuck: View out for stuck papers inside the HP Machine. Remove the paper stuck from the loading plate and only do verified papers.


Worked on all the basic troubleshooting steps recommended in this article? Still not ready to fix the issues then check out the forward troubleshooting ways to fix HP Printer error state problems.


Solution 1- Verified HP Printer Status (Offline or Paused)

HP printers performing “Offline” mistakes can also be right down to issues with the printer drivers or application program. This can be based on the age of the printer or possibly if you have damaged automatic updates. This set of printers offline can proceed to any printer brands and is not defined to HP only. Try following the steps under to eliminate the offline rank and fix HP Printer error state communications.


Step 1 : About Windows 10 search box type Control Panel.

Step 2 : Snap-on Control Panel at the top.

Step 3 : Below Hardware and Sound choice Snap-on View devices and printers.

Step 4 : Right-click on the printer and snap-on Set as a printer.

Step 5 : Next Right Click on the failure printer and snap-on View what’s printing.

Step 6 : Presently Click on the Printer at the first left.

Step 7 : Un-tick Pause Printing and Utilize Printer Offline.

Step 8 : Restart the printer and verify if the error message is left.


Try the following solution if you are still seeing that error message.

Solution 2- Restart Print spooler Service – Fix HP Printer Error State

A print spooler service operates printing assignments given from a network to the printer. Restarting the print spooler service can clean the print jobs in the file and get the error state issues. Here’s how you can restart the print spooler service from the network.


Step 1: In the search box enter cmd.
Step 2: Right-click and pick Run as administrator.
Step 3: Snap-on Yes to leave user account control.
Step 4: Type net stop spooler(Don’t type as a one-word there’s a space in every word) and go Enter from the keyboard.
Step 5: Once it maintains The Print spooler service was ended successfully type net start spooler and ran Enter from the keyboard.
Step 6: You’ll get a message The Print Spooler service was started successfully. Finish the cmd.
Step 7: Restart the PC and HP printer and then try printing a search page.
Move ahead to solution 3 if your HP Printer error state is not working.

Solution 3- Open Print Spooler Files and Restart it

To make Print spooler data follow the steps here.


Clear Print Spooler Files: –


Step 1: Drive to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers folder and remove all the data from inside it.

Step 2: If you are not ready to drive to the folder try starting the run box by touching the Windows key + r from the keyboard and then through the path C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers snap-on Ok.

Step 3: Snap-on Continue and Delete all the Data.

Step 4: Connect the folder and again try to drive to this folder C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\W32X86 delete all the files from this folder and finish it.

Restart Print Spooler Service: –


Step 1: Type services inside the Windows 10 search box and agree on Services or start the run box (Windows Key + r) and type services.msc

Step 2: Locate Print Spooler service and Right-click on it.

Step 3: Snap-on Restart and ready for the method to finish.

Step 4: Following restart the PC and HP printer to verify if the issues got decided.


Try solution 4 if you are yet seeing that error state message on your HP Printer.


Solution 4- Enable PnP Detection on Windows 10

If you are utilizing Windows 10, then try to allow the Legacy Plug and Play discovery. Ere you start, please restart the PC and then follow the steps here.


Step 1: On the Windows 10 search box enter device manager or open run box and enter devmgmt.msc and catch Ok.

Step 2: Snap-on Device Manager.

Step 3: Snap-on view on the head and Click Show hidden devices.

Step 4: Locate Ports (COM & LPT) and snap-on it to develop the list.

Step 5: Right Tick on ECP Printer Port (LPT1) and Click Properties.

 Step 6: Snap-on Ports settings with the General Tab.

Step 7: choose to Apply any interrupt specified to the port and Review on Enable Legacy Plug and Play Detection.

Step 8: Snap-on Ok to save the changes.


Restart the printer and verify whether the error state problem got fixed.


Solution 5- Update the HP Printer Drivers to Fix HP Printer Error State

You can modernize the HP Printer drivers from your PC itself; there are two methods: – the first includes making the laptop find the newest driver for you by exploring online and the second process is to download and introduce the HP printer driver manually. We are working to explain to you how to update the HP Printer drivers utilizing both the ways.


Update HP Printer Drivers Automatically: –

Step 1: On the Windows 10search box type device manager or open run box and enter devmgmt.msc and run Ok.
Step 2: Snap-on Device Manager.
Step 3: Snap-on view on the tip and Click Show hidden devices.
Step 4: Snap-on Print queues to open the list.
Step 5: Right Click on HP Driver snap-on update driver then Choose Search automatically for modernized driver software.

Let the windows get it for you and then observe the directions to connect the newest drivers.

Update HP Printer Drivers Manually: –


Step 1: Start your Browser and Go to HP Support & Downloads Page.

Step 2: Choose the product from “Search by product category page”.

Step 3: Choose your product range in our sample, it is the MFC-J5 series.

Step 4: Snap-on your HP Printer Model Number.

Step 5: Choose the Operating System of your PC and click on OK.

Step 6: Snap-on Full Driver & Software Package (Recommended).

Step 7: Scroll to the behind and Snap-on Agree to the EULA and Download. 

Let the download finish and follow the directions displayed in the HP How to Install Page.

Follow the direction on the How to Install page and Fix the most advanced Driver on your PC/Laptop.

Solution 6- Extract and Reinstall the HP Printer

Also behind working all the ways, you are yet not ready to make the difficulty of error state, when this solution might assist you. Try eliminating the printer from your PC and then introducing it behind the PC to verify if the problem quietly endures.

Eliminate the HP Printer from the PC/Laptop: –

Step 1: Start Settings on Windows 10.

Step 2: Snap-on Devices.

Step 3: Choose Printer and Scanners.

Step 4: Choose Your HP Printer and Snap-on Remove Device.

Step 5: Snap-on Yes to eliminate the HP Printer.

Install the Printer Back to the computer: –

Step 1: On your Windows search box (Windows Key + Q) enter Printer.

Step 2: Snap-on Printers and Scanners choice.

Step 3: Snap Add a printer or scanner.

Step 4: Choose your Printer and next snap-on Add Device.

Follow the direction to add the printer.

Windows 10 was not ready to find your printer?

                      Then follow certain steps

 Step 1: Take the choice The printer that I want isn’t listed.

Step 2: Select Add a Bluetooth, wireless, or network discoverable printer and Snap-on Next.

Step 3: Forthwith, Choose the HP Printer also Follow the choice displayed on the Windows 10 screen.

Step 4: Follow the directions to add the printer. 

Restart the printer and PC to verify if the HP Printer error state message is left.  

Solution 7- Contact HP Printer Help and Solutions 

We’ve worked very hard to assist you with all the solutions we could in status to fix the HP Printer Error State message. Badly, if you’ve come to this great viewing for the solution then that means the issues are not still fixed at your end. No problems! This is the end and only choice you can resort to, contact HP Customer care and solutions through the chat service. At the right-hand shift, you’ll notice a little green chat box where you can choose up the data needs along with the message you need to send to us.


One of our agents will try to reach you, and he or she will lead you with a proper method to fix the HP Printer Error State message. One more person we want to add is that if you’ve seen a working solution and the solution isn’t discussed in this article then helpful add that solution inside the remark box. We’ll try to add the solution inside the article with praises to you so that other users can fix the problem. Trust you liked the article and please confirm to get more data and solutions related to the HP Printer.

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